The GEAM framework improves on previous monitoring tools such as the PLOTINA project, GENDER-NET, EGERA, or INTEGER and builds on the ASSET 2016 Survey by developing a standardizing monitoring tool to be utilized by higher education institutions in the EU.  

The GEAM tool uses a modular questionnaire framework which covers the following thematic areas:

    1. Socio-demographics
    2. Working conditions
    3. Stereotypes, prejudices and bias
    4. Organizational culture and climate
    5. Interpersonal behaviors and experiences

A brief introduction to each of these thematic sections is provided in the GEAM Manual (see below). A more detailed account of background literature and rationale for choosing certain questions and measurement scales is provided in the ACT Deliverable 2.1 (see below). 

GEAM Manual

The GEAM Manual is structured as a hands-on document which will take interested researchers from the initial setup of the questionnaire, to the customization, deployment and initial analysis of results.

The GEAM tool aims to enable interested researchers, as well as gender equality practitioners with little experience in social science and survey methodology, to develop high quality questionnaires. While the GEAM core provides a set of standardized questions, it is the responsibility of the survey managers to decide on the appropriate questions and to adapt them both to the specific research interests and to the national or organizational contexts. You can contribute to the GEAM Manual on github.

Access Manual Online

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GEAM: First Steps


LimeSurvey Manual

The GEAM is implemented using the open source survey platform LimeSurvey Community Edition. Most of the technical details of the LimeSurvey platform are addressed in the online manual.

LimeSurvey Manual



GEAM Deliverable

The GEAM has been developed in the context of the ACT project. An extensive review of the existing measurement scales and our rationale for choosing certain questions and measures is available in Deliverable 2.1 of the ACT project: 

Aldercotte, Amanda; Caprile, Maria; Guyan, Kevin; Malibha-Pinchbeck, Memory; Müller, Jörg; Palmen, Rachel & Startin, Carla. (2019, October 8). Gender Equality Audit and Monitoring (GEAM) (Version 1.0). Zenodo. 

Institutions that have used the GEAM