Access to ACT LimeSurvey platform

To use the ACT LimeSurvey installation you need to request an account via email to providing a valid email address and full name for your account. Please also include in your email a short description about the target audience / organization or organizational unit you want to use the GEAM for. We will create a new instance of the GEAM questionnaire for you which then can be adapted to your specific institutional context. Survey administrators have full control over their questionnaire.

Beforing being able to launch a survey, survey administrators must fill out and return a signed copy of the Declaration of Data Protection and Confidentiality Agreement. You can download the declaration in PDF, MS Word, or ODT format.


GEAM - Live Demo version

A live demo version of the GEAM Core questionnaire is available in English (submitted data is not being stored):


GEAM Translations (live demo)

If the GEAM does not exist in your language and you are interested in contributing, please get in touch by writing to All listed translations are available for version 2 - with some translations also being available for version 1 (Spanish, Polish, German).

French. ACT - Évaluation et suivi de l'égalité des genres/sexes (GEAM)
Translated  and  revised  by Florian  Beauvallet (Translation expert), Anne-Sophie Godfroy (Université  Paris-Est  Créteil  and ENS-PSL),  Areti Damala (CNRS) and Colette Guillopé (Université Paris-Est Créteil and Femmes et Sciences).

Czech. ACT -
Translated and revised by Jarmila Lancošová, Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic)

German. ACT - Audit und Monitoring von Gleichstellungsdaten (GEAM)
Translated and revised by Kathrin Rabsch, TU Berlin (Germany)  

Greek. ACT- Έλεγχος και Παρακολούθηση της Ισότητας Φύλων (GEAM)
Translated and revised by Leonidas Antoniou, Research & Innovation Policy expert (Cyprus)

Italian. ACT - Valutazione e Monitoraggio della Parità di Genere (GEAM)
Translated and revised by Natasha Sega, SmartVenice (Italy)

Lithuanian. ACT - Lyčių lygybės auditas ir stebėjimas (GEAM)
Translated and revised by Aurelija Novelskaite, Vilnius University (Lithuania)

Portuguese. ACT - Questionario de auditoria e monitorização da igualdade de género (GEAM)
Translated and revised by Ana Petronilho, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal)

Polish. ACT – Monitoring równości płci (GEAM)
Translated  and  revised  by  Ewa  Krzaklewska,  Paulina  Sekuła  and  Marta  Warat,  Uniwersytet  
Jagielloński (Poland)

Romanian. ACT – Audit și Monitorizare a Egalității de Gen (GEAM)
Translated and revised by Alisa Petroff, UOC (Spain)

Serbian. ACT –
Translated and revised by Balsa Delibasic, University of Belgrade (Serbia)

Slovenian. ACT - Vprašalnik o stanju na področju enakosti spolov (GEAM)
Translated and revised by Ana Hofman, Jovana Mihajlović, Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Slovenia)

Spanish. ACT - Cuestionario de auditoría y monitoreo de la igualdad de género (GEAM)
Translated and revised by Blas Fernandez, FLACSO (Argentina) and Sergi Yanes, UOC (Spain)

Ukrainian. ACT - Моніторинг гендерної рівності (GEAM)
Translated and revised by Tetiana Median, Chernivtsi National University (Ukraine)


GEAM - Word version

A word and pdf file is available from the ACT Zenodo repository. It contains the English version only. The word file is for reference purposes mainly. It is a working document to faciliate offline discussion of the GEAM content.

Aldercotte, Amanda, Maria Caprile, Kevin Guyan, Jörg Müller, and Sergi Yanes. 2021. “ACT - Gender Equality Audit and Monitoring (GEAM) - CORE Questionnaire,” June.

Institutions that have used the GEAM