Access to ACT LimeSurvey platform

To use the ACT LimeSurvey installation you need to request an account via email to providing a valid email address and full name for your account. Please also include in your email a short description about the target audience / organization or organizational unit you want to use the GEAM for. We will create a new instance of the GEAM questionnaire for you which then can be adapted to your specific institutional context. Survey administrators have full control over their questionnaire.

The GEAM questionnaire is currently available in English, Spanish, German, Polish, Portuguese and Lithuanian.

Beforing being able to launch a survey, survey administrators must fill out and return a signed copy of the Declaration of Data Protection and Confidentiality Agreement. You can download the declaration in PDF, MS Word, or ODT format.


A live demo version of the GEAM Core questionnaire is available (submitted data is not being stored):

A reporting template to automatically generate descriptive statistics (frequencies tables and illustrations) of questionnaire results is available in R Bookdown format on github. 

Institutions that have used the GEAM